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Zakon i Poryadok. Prestupnyy umysel - the Russian version of the world famous American series Law & Order: Criminal Intent. In the line of the series we are talking about such complex matters as murder, sophisticated fraud, etc. A team of specialists, consisting of two detectives, partners, led by their chief, reveal the most incredible and twisted things. Each episode is a serious investigation, rigorous work of the main characters, by which they try to understand the psychology of the criminal and clear the waters.

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List of episodes

S4E21 - Семейное дело (Family Business)

Director of the Institute of Economy Anatoliy Chernetsov was killed by sniper shot right at the time of photography. As planned by the photographer, shooting a scene. At the core lies a duel between Chernetsov and construction magnate Andrew Bekalisom. Detectives surprised by the fact that no one heard the shot. Finding places to hide the killer, Loginov, and Peter realized that the sniper shot was made synchronously with the sham. This means that the killer knew the script.

Air Date: 11 Sep 2011 19:00 (CDT)

S4E22 - Последний уик-энд (Last Weekend)

An audacious murder of Eugene Khomyakov, son of the famous impartiality of the judge. The corpse was discovered in the front of the courthouse. Khomyakov Sr. and his friend, lawyer Grebnev said at the time of the tragedy was in the country, and their sons - Eugene Roman, and - remained in the city alone. Khomyakov remembered that before he took along his son to court for the trial of his idol - DJ Apocalypto, received a heavy sentence.

Air Date: 11 Sep 2011 19:00 (CDT)

S4E23 - Последний звонок (Last Call)

The strange death of the famous surgeon Khokhlov in an accident aroused suspicion among the traffic police, and they turned to detectives. After examining the contents of the gas tank of his motorcycle, Loginov and Petrovskaya found out that the electrolyte added to the oil was the cause of the tragedy, and the surgeon's helmet found nearby was stained with lubricant. Obviously, in this way the killer hoped to reduce the victim's chances of salvation ...

Air Date: 12 Sep 2011 19:00 (CDT)

S4E24 - Закон генетики (The Law of Genetics)

Young secretary Tamara Myasnitskaya was strangled in her own apartment. Investigators are puzzled by the murderer's mysterious call from the victim's apartment on the eve of the tragedy and the appearance of the murdered woman, dressed in underwear brought by the criminal with him. Soon there is a second crime with a similar handwriting, and then - an attempt to attack Nastya Maksimova. Loginov and Petrovskaya find a connection between the victims: all the girls were fined at the same traffic police post.

Air Date: 12 Sep 2011 19:00 (CDT)