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Rio and his buddy Wiley are supposedly just ordinary pilots working for the Latin American air transport company Air America. In truth, they are undercover secret agents receiving their orders directly from the State Department in Washington. As part of their duties they investigate international crime, protect witnesses, rescue people who need rescuing, and occasionally get themselves out of messes that their boss, Furman, keeps getting them into as he tries to line his own pockets.

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S1E20 - Heartbreak Hotel

After many years absence, physician Marco Ramos returns to Costa Perdida to care for his heart-sick mother. However, Marco's brother Reynaldo cannot forgive Marco for having abandoned him and their mother all those years ago, and wants to kill him in revenge. Rio and Wiley must try to prevent a bloodbath.

Air Date: 08 May 1999 11:00 (CDT)

S1E21 - Red Sub

Rio and Wiley are alarmed when Russian arms-dealer Victor shows up in Buenaventura to meet with a drug boss. Their concerns are certainly justified: a Russian naval base report one of their submarines as missing. Rio and Wiley must risk their lives in order to stop Victor's dangerous dealings.

Air Date: 15 May 1999 11:00 (CDT)

S1E22 - American Gulag

An old man - allegedly a Dutchman - arrives in Buenaventura. In reality, though, he is the Russian Nicolai Vyshenko, a former politician under Stalin and a notorious killer. Recently, Vyshenko has turned to another field of activity: along with his son, he now leads a camp on the island, in which young children a trained to become killers. Rio and Wiley set out to put and end to this.

Air Date: 22 May 1999 11:00 (CDT)