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Al TV was created by ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic. He also wrote and directed all the episodes. The premise is simple; using his pirate satellite transmitter, Al commands the airwaves of a music video station so he can show the videos that he wants to watch. In between videos he would comment on the latest in music news, take letters from his fans, and hold fake interviews. Al would take old footage from previous interviews with celebrities and edit them to make it appear as if he was the one interviewing them, usually making fun of the person by asking silly and random questions.

Theme Song
The first eight episodes were broadcast on MTV to promote each one of his new albums. The episode was broadcast on VH1. Three specials, called Al-Music, aired in Canada.

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List of episodes

S1E8 - Running With Scissors

Air Date: 04 Dec 1999 11:00 (CDT)

S1E9 - Poodle Hat

Air Date: 17 Jun 2003 12:00 (CDT)

S1E13 - Straight Outta Lynwood

Air Date: 15 Dec 2006 11:00 (CDT)