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One starry night in 1986, the Tanner family get an unexpected houseguest - a furry, four-foot-high Alien Life Form they call ALF, who quickly becomes part of the family.

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S4E22 - Hungry Like a Wolf

Fearing that he might "internally blow up" due to his high calorie consumption, ALF decides to cut meat from his diet. However after a few days, ALF turns into a "wolf" and steals the Tanner's car in an effort to hunt for food.

Air Date: 03 Mar 1990 11:00 (CDT)

S4E23 - I Gotta Be Me

Lynn and Kate have a disagreement after Lynn floats around the idea of moving in with her boyfriend.

Air Date: 10 Mar 1990 11:00 (CDT)

S4E24 - Consider Me Gone

When ALF picks up a signal on the Tanner's radio, he realizes that it is someone trying to get in touch with him through Melmacian code.

Air Date: 24 Mar 1990 11:00 (CDT)