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All Creatures Great and Small chronicles the adventures of a young country veterinarian.

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S4E4 - By the Book

James and Helen are keeping a secret. Following a visit to the Crabtree's Farm, Carmody is challenged with learning how to be a vet outside of his books. The new farmers have a worrying illness amongst their herd and James wants to help them in any way he can. Helen volunteers to join him, but helping the Crabtrees might have had a bigger impact on James and Helen than they anticipated. Helen rallies the community to help the newcomers while she waits for some personal news.

Carmody meets Bernard the tortoise and tries to ‘treat the owner' too by helping Ned Clough. Despite confiscating his textbooks, the whole household will come to realise the value of Carmody's bookish ways.

Mrs Hall receives an important letter and has to decide whether or not to share the news.

Air Date: 26 Oct 2023 15:00 (CDT)

S4E5 - Papers

The War is getting closer, James is about to embark on a new journey. He desperately wants things in order and Carmody trained up to support Siegfried. But James is frustrated at Carmody's inability to drive and he keeps missing opportunities to spend precious time with Helen. His grand plans are derailed when an injured cat is brought into the practice. The vets have little hope for the cat, but he might be just what they all need.

Carmody and Pumphrey clash as he can't see her dogs the way she does. An unexpected offer might bring the two together and get Carmody ready to step into new responsibilities.

A dinner with Gerald leaves Mrs Hall with a dilemma but watching James and Helen brace for their future gives her a new perspective on her own.

Air Date: 02 Nov 2023 16:00 (CDT)

S4E6 - The Home Front

In the final episode of the series, Helen feels redundant at Skeldale and a million miles from home. When Richard Alderson seems to need help, she returns to Heston Grange. Buried family secrets threaten to tear their relationship apart as Richard refuses to let her muck in on the farm. Helen notices that calf Smokey seems unwell and tries to help him, but it only makes things worse with her dad.

Mrs Hall is blindsided by Helen's plans and worries for Siegfried, but knows she must follow through on her decision, however painful it may be for everyone. Meanwhile, although Gerald's beloved dog, Rock, needs veterinary help, he is too worried about the operation. Mrs Hall pushes him to do the right thing.

And Mrs Hall must make her final choice and let go of something special. Both Mrs Hall and Helen are about to learn where they truly belong.

Air Date: 09 Nov 2023 15:00 (CDT)