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''ALOHA, PARADISE,'' a series that entered the 1981 ABC lineup with a special two-hour premiere, is ''The Love Boat'' beached in Hawaii. Instead of a floating luxury liner captained by Gavin McLeod, we get a lush resort hotel managed by Debbie Reynolds playing Sidney Chase. Each episode featured several subplots, churned out by different writers and pasted together with a host of second-echelon stars. Another series from Goldberg-Spelling factory.
The hotel's regular staff includes Curtis Shea, a nice-guy assistant manager (Bill Daily), Fran Linhart, an attractive social director (Patricia Klous), Richard Bean, a handsome beach boy (Stephen Shortridge) and a warm-hearted native bartender named Evelyn (Mokihana). Needless to say, guests and staff are under the unfailingly perky supervision of Sydney Chase.
Miss Reynolds is funny and vivacious. In the opening scene of ''Aloha, Paradise,'' she can be seen jogging energetically by herself along a beach. By fadeout, she is joined by most of her staff, obviously overwhelmed with the boss's moxie. By sheer dint and positive thinking, Miss Reynolds tried to get some mileage out a very tired formula.
Theme Song: "Welcome To Paradise" Music: Charles Fox , Lyrics: Carol Bayer Sager.

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S1E6 - Sydney's Old Flame/ Everett and The Wolf/ Lurp's in Love

Air Date: 15 Apr 1981 20:00 (CDT)

S1E7 - Letter from Broadway/ Letter from Cyrano/ Letter from a Secret Admirer

Air Date: 22 Apr 1981 20:00 (CDT)

S1E8 - Catching Up/ Wambling Out to Yon/ Black Day at Bad Rock

Air Date: 29 Apr 1981 21:00 (CDT)