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Andy Richter Controls the Universe. His own Universe! And we get to see what that looks and sounds like every moment. Even when the moments are not pretty. Andy is a short story writer, who makes his living by working at a huge faceless company in present day Chicago, writing Technical Manuals. In his active, fertile, writer's imagination, we see (and hear as he narrates) the stories of his daily life, as they should be, could be, might be, and even actually how they are. Andy shares his office with the company's newest employee, and Andy's newest friend, the frail, jumpy, odd, loveable Byron. Also inhabiting Andy's world is his best friend Keith, who is "so good looking" that Andy must fight his own "prejudice against the 'attractive,' who seem to get everything they want, unlike ordinary humans." Supervisor Jessica.

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S2E6 - The Show Might Go On

When Andy's attempt to help Wendy with her singing career backfires, she decides to give up her dream entirely. Meanwhile Jessica fools herself into thinking office hunk Milo is not only cute, but also smart and witty.

Air Date: 22 Dec 2002 19:30 (CDT)

S2E7 - Crazy in Rio

Freddie Pickering, kooky heir to the Pickering legacy, promotes Andy and has him join his life of wealth and debauchery. As this creates a rift between Andy and his friends, he proposes to take them along on a trip to Rio.

Air Date: 05 Jan 2003 19:30 (CDT)

S2E8 - The Maid Man

Andy falls in love with Jessica's maid Irina even though Jessica warns him it will never work out. Wendy is insecure about Keith having no insecurities.

Air Date: 12 Jan 2003 19:30 (CDT)