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Aqua Teen Hunger Force follows the adventures of the aptly named Aqua Teen Hunger Force, a group of mystery-solving fast food items. The team consists of Master Shake, or Shake, a rather sadistic, lazy, ordering milkshake who loves to torture Meatwad. Frylock, the floating box of fries, is the brains the group, and contains the one thing that the rest of the group lacks: common sense. Meatwad is a loving, caring, gentle ball of meat that crawls wherever he goes, who is frequently tortured by Shake.

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S12E3 - Scrip2 2i2le: The Ts Are 2s

Chap2er 2wo of 2he Grea2es2 Mo2ion Pic2ure 2rilogy ever 2i2led.

Air Date: 03 Dec 2023 22:30 (CDT)

S12E4 - Get Lit Upon A Situpon

Step aside pigs, and make way for fitness!

Air Date: 10 Dec 2023 22:30 (CDT)

S12E5 - Anubis

An episode where Dewey and Vanessa sound a lot like Danny Trejo and Lance Henriksen.

Air Date: 17 Dec 2023 22:30 (CDT)