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This Filmation 36 episode animated series ran on Saturday mornings in 1966 and was originally partnered up with Superman, and later repackaged with Superman and Batman.

The show features several trends of the silver age comics, Aqualad the teen sidekick (and member of the original Teen Titans) the Aquacave, the Aquacomputer, and includes villains from the comic book like Black Manta and the Fisherman. The animation is the classic Filmation style, which often uses several different short cuts like re-using the same footage over and over again, or placing stationary figures over scrolling backgrounds to suggest movement. The narration and voice acting by the late Ted Knight is a definite highlight of the series. The stories are often short and to the point, the type children can easily comprehend...bad guy attacks innocent people, Aquaman answers the call for help, summons his underwater allies, and good triumphs over evil!

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List of episodes

S1E33 - The Stickman of Stygia

Air Date: 30 Dec 1967 20:30 (CDT)

S1E34 - Three Wishes to Trouble

Air Date: 30 Dec 1967 20:30 (CDT)

S1E35 - The Silver Sphere

Air Date: 06 Jan 1968 20:30 (CDT)

S1E36 - To Catch a Fisherman

Air Date: 06 Jan 1968 20:30 (CDT)