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Barátok közt is about the Berényi family environment and everyday stories every day. Several decades ago, a group of children with special fate intertwined and inseparable thread, where a rigid and "bureaucratic" left them in institutional care. Deep friendships have been formed between them, which has stood the test of time and have ambitious dreams parent. They lived during the intervening years, a variety of levels of success and failure. Built a career, a family founded, had children, divorced. Some have not even thought that later on they will live in a house. In a shocking and tragic event root overthrew Nicholas, Andrew, Nora, Zsuzsa Laszlo Gabi and killed when Zoltán Berényi (who continue Berényi Susan Andrew's secret love affair with his wife), Nicholas and Andrew, the eldest brother.

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S23E499 - 10453. rész

Air Date: 15 Jul 2021 05:00 (CDT)

S23E500 - 10454. rész

Air Date: 15 Jul 2021 05:00 (CDT)

S23E501 - 10455. rész

Air Date: 17 Jul 2021 05:00 (CDT)

S23E502 - 10456. rész

Air Date: 17 Jul 2021 05:00 (CDT)