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Beetleborgs is a series about three friends, Roland, Drew and his sister Jo who stumble upon a giant, haunted house. They go inside, and release Flabber, a ghost who grants wishes, when they play a key on an old organ. He grants them wishes, and they wish to be the comic book heroes, "The Beetleborgs."
Flabber grants their wish, and gives Drew the power of telekinesis, and the Blue Beetleborg armor, Roland the power of super-speed, and the Green Beetleborg armor, and Jo the power of super-strength, and the Red Beetleborg armor. What they don't know, is that when he releases the powers from the comic books on to them, he also releases the evil villians from the comic books, which they must now fight to put an end to.
Once they become Beetleborgs, they decide to still hang out with Flabber, who proves both entertaining, friendly, and helpful in their fight against evil. The only problem is that his haunted house is filled with other creepy monsters, who aren't so friendly, and want to eat the kids.
The main villian in the series is Mukus, who wants to takeover the world, and the only threat to his plan is the Beetleborgs. They've foiled his plans repeatedly, but he keeps coming back. He has even come up with a White Beetleborg, who proves stronger than all of the Beetleborgs -- combined!
Beetleborgs was sometimes compared to[ url=]Power Rangers[/url], but with super power children rather than teenagers.

Theme Song
Three typical average kids inside a haunted mansion.
Just by chance, freed a ghost, who made them Beetleborgs (Beetleborgs)
Big Bad Beetleborgs.
Big Bad Beetleborgs.
Hey look, now they're superheros, armed with super powers. (Cool)
Taken from a comic strip and now they're Beetleborgs. (Beetleborgs)
Big Bad Beetleborgs.
Big Bad Beetleborgs

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S2E33 - Super Fang

Air Date: 17 Feb 1998 11:00 (CDT)

S2E34 - Experiment in Evil

Air Date: 23 Feb 1998 11:00 (CDT)

S2E35 - Mega Borg Power

Air Date: 02 Mar 1998 11:00 (CDT)