Beltway Unbuckled: Political Secrets, Sagas, And Scandals

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Did you know that a sex scandal could have helped cause the Civil War? Or that one of the things that made George Washington so appealing as a presidential choice was his possible sterility? Many think sex and politics have only recently played a role in our history, but this is far from the truth. In Beltway Unbuckled, you'll be surprised to find out just how much American history got made in the bedroom.

Some of the stories uncovered in Beltway Unbuckled:

The Petticoat Affair, a sex scandal which nearly ruined Andrew Jackson's first term in office and might have been one of the causes of the Civil War.
How J. Edgar Hoover used his secret sex files to become one of the most powerful figures in Washington.
Although Woodrow Wilson won World War I, his relationship to his second wife, Edith, may have helped cause World War II.
FDR's dreams of a post-World War II world that were discovered in the long lost diary of one of the women who was there when he died.
How John F. Kennedy's fling with an East German beauty nearly ended his administration.

Beltway Unbuckled is a serious but highly entertaining look at how the sex lives of our nation's leaders have affected history and helped shape the country we live in today.

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