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Berserk is a 25-part anime set in a dark fantasy/horror environment whereby the series focuses on the main character guts; a lone swordman who later meets up with a group of mercenaries called the band of the hawk. The leader of this band holds a strange necklace called a behelit that will only lead to evil.

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S1E23 - Eve of the Feast

Back at the camp, everyone is forlorn because of Griffith's terrible condition. The Raiders ask Guts to take them along with him. Casca feels she must take care of Griffith, and tells Guts to leave. Delirious and horrified at what he has been reduced to, Griffith takes off in a wagon and crashes into the river. He finds his Behelit and unintentionally activates it, taking everyone present to the Astral Realm.

Air Date: 16 Mar 1998 21:00 (CDT)

S1E24 - Eclipse

The four archdemons of the God Hand awake and inform Griffith that he has been chosen to be their final member. For his baptism, Griffith must offer his friends as a sacrifice to the God Hand's Apostles. Griffith is shown visions of his past to convince him that the lives of his men are trivial in regard to the fulfillment of his dream. Guts climbs a mountain of flesh to try and stop Griffith from becoming a demon, but Griffith accepts the God Hand's offer. The entire Band of Hawk are branded as sacrificial offerings for the unborn child of darkness, Griffith.

Air Date: 23 Mar 1998 21:00 (CDT)

S1E25 - Perpetual Time

The Apostles assume their true forms and commence the Eclipse feasting by devouring those branded as offerings. Griffith is reborn as the fifth God Hand, Femto, and rapes Casca in front of Guts. Guts is forced to cut off his left forearm to stop his former friend while his right eye is gouged out. A post-credits scene shows Guts in the physical world with his wounds healed as he leaves Godo's house to exact his revenge on Griffith and the Apostles ending the series on a cliffhanger.

Air Date: 30 Mar 1998 21:00 (CDT)