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Blott on the Landscape is a novel by Tom Sharpe which was first published in 1975. The book was adapted into a 6-part television series for BBC television in 1985.The story revolves around the proposed construction of a motorway through Cleene Gorge in rural South Worfordshire, a fictional gorge in a fictional English county.At one end of Cleene Gorge is Handyman Hall; the home of the politician Sir Giles Lynchwood and his wife Lady Maud Lynchwood.Sir Giles is secretly in favour of ensuring that the motorway passes through the Cleene Gorge (and is actually the originator of the plan) as it will mean he will be paid the compensation for the destruction of Handyman Hall, which is under a covenant preventing its sale. While superficially pretending to be supportive he takes steps to undermine the inquiry and prevent alternatives being adopted, to ensure the new road travels through the Gorge. By contrast, Lady Maud's family has lived in the gorge for over 500 years, and she is fiercely defensive of her heritage and expects Giles to support her.

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S1E4 - Episode 4

Enraged at Lady Maud's treatment of him Dundridge approves the motorway going through Handyman Hall and the surrounding Clene Gorge. Lady Maud suspects that,as he and not she will receive the compensation money Sir Giles is in favour of this and finding the compromising photographs of Dundridge confirms her suspicion. She decides to open a safari park with an electric fence to keep people out and also,using Blott's talent for mimicry,persuades Giles' broker to sell all his shares. She then tracks down Mrs Forthby,with whose help she gets Blott to photograph one of Sir Giles' S&M sessions,threatening to publish the evidence unless he signs a divorce settlement agreeing to the motorway being diverted elsewhere.She feels triumphant but,on returning home,hears blasting in the gorge.

Air Date: 26 Feb 1985 18:00 (CDT)

S1E5 - Episode 5

Outraged at the demolition of the gorge Lady Maud goes to see Dundridge,suggesting that they work together to expose Sir Giles as the blackmailer. However,since Dundridge detests her and believes that she was responsible for compromising him,Dundridge refuses,making it his mission to destroy her home. That night Blott gets one of the workmen extremely drunk and encourages him to cause destruction - and a death - in the village to increase public hostility to the roadworks. Sir Giles,meanwhile,who is living with Mrs Forthby,drugs her and returns to the hall,which he tries to burn down,escaping into the grounds after a fight with his wife.

Air Date: 05 Mar 1985 18:00 (CDT)

S1E6 - Episode 6

Attempting to flee the grounds Sir Giles is pounced upon and killed by a lion,his offshore investments leaving Lady Maud a very rich widow. Blott,meanwhile,who has squirrelled away a substantial amount of ammunition,barricades himself in the gatehouse to the hall as Dundridge orders the SAS to attack. An emotional television broadcast in which Blott insists that an Englishman's home is his castle helps put paid to all further ideas of the motorway whilst Dundridge is blamed for everything and sent to prison where he enjoys himself reorganizing the library system.Appreciating all that he has done for her, Lady Maud marries Blott,putting him up as a Member of Parliament and they look forward to creating an heir.

Air Date: 12 Mar 1985 18:00 (CDT)