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In this silly action series, BoBoBo can talk to and understand hair. With the help of his blond hair, he is out to save the land from the Hair Patrol posse and their leader, Baldy Bald, who is forcing everyone to be bald. Bobobo wants to fight this horrible regime and his main techniques are called "S.N.O.T. for you" and "Fist of the Nose Hair!" With a rough and tough group of warriors, they hope to defeat Baldy Bald.

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S1E74 - The Bigger the Gasser, The Smellier the Gas!

Air Date: 28 Sep 2007 22:00 (CDT)

S1E75 - Finally! The Final Fight of Finality! Except the Final One!

Air Date: 05 Oct 2007 22:00 (CDT)

S1E76 - Finally! The Final Fight of Finality! This Time, We mean it!

Air Date: 12 Oct 2007 22:00 (CDT)