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Bodger and Badger was a slapstick comedy/sitcom for young children about a man called Simon Bodger and his mashed potato loving pet, Badger. The creator, Andy Cunningham was the real star of the show as he played both Simon and Badger, his puppet. Over the years they moved around a bit as Simon got different jobs, from working as a school janitor to opening their own guest house. Whatever the location, life was never dull with Badger around. Here is a description of Simon's life in this TV series.

Simon Bodger was a chef who had to win a competition to get the Marcel the Chef's job at Troff's Nosherama in season 1. He worked as a school janitor at Letsby Avenue in Season 2 and 3. Simon then started work in an amusement park and Badger made friends with Holly, but also hated Mr Beasley in season 4. Simon and Badger moved on to live in a flat and Badger gained himself a friend (a mouse) rather originally called "Mousey" in season 5. In season 6 Simon came face to face with his landlady Mrs Dribelle. In season 7 Simon met Mr Smart and also later Vicky, Mrs Dribelle's niece. In season 8 Simon, Badger and Mousey then moved on to run The Seagull's Rest (A B&B) in Puddleford. In the beginning he met Mr Smart again and Millie the milk woman and also met Mrs Bobbins, Ms Peake and Mr Tucknott. Season 9 saw the return of Millie and Simon met the new tourist information officer called Mrs S. Melly. Mr Wilson arrived and so did Mr Gripper who fell in love with Mrs Melly. Then Bodger and Badger ended after a decade on the screen.

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S9E13 - Mrs Melly Investigates

Air Date: 14 Mar 1999 18:00 (CDT)

S9E14 - Puddleford Day

Air Date: 21 Mar 1999 18:00 (CDT)

S9E15 - Mashy Museum

Air Date: 28 Mar 1999 18:00 (CDT)