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Dennis Booker, an ex-cop, is hired by the US office of a large Japanese company to investigate some suspect insurance claims. He is very anti-authority, resents being told what to do, and seems to spend most of his time investigating cases related to his family, friends and colleagues rather than his employers.

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S1E20 - Crazy

A murderer who Booker arrested when he was still a cop, escapes from custody just before his trial concludes. It is up to Booker to find him before he takes revenge.

Air Date: 15 Apr 1990 11:00 (CDT)

S1E21 - Mobile Home

Booker's friend Tony buys a house, which is promptly stolen and moved by the children of the original owner when they learn that their father may have stashed a fortune in stolen money somewhere inside. Tony hires Booker and another investigator, Fatz, to find his house, while the children tear the house to pieces as they look for the money.

Air Date: 29 Apr 1990 11:00 (CDT)

S1E22 - Father's Day

Booker's absentee father returns and he learns that he might be a fugitive because he might be involved with a murder. But when Booker sees him, he tells him that he's been in witness protection and he's schedule to testify against the murderer. But some people are trying to make sure he doesn't, so Booker has to protect him.

Air Date: 06 May 1990 11:00 (CDT)