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Between the Rockies and the badlands lies Bordertown, at the edge of civilzation and the railway. The U.S.- Canadian border cuts through its muddy streets and its system of law: on one side the rough-hewn, ex-gunfighter marshal, on the other side the articulate, letter-of-the-law Canadian Mountie. There's no other original like it on television.
A Mountie and a U.S. Marshal jointly patrol an Old West town split by the Canada-U.S.border. The 49Th parallel runs right through the middle of their office, which is divided in half by a red painted line. On the Canadian'side, the Mountie's office is neat and tidy. On the American side, the marshal's office is a disaster. Welcome to "Bordertown," a series in which all the Canada-U.S stereotypes are trolled out. On the Canadian side, the things are civilized and polite. On the American side, it's all wild and rough.
John H. Brennan plays Clive Bennett, a spit-and-polish Mountie who runs things by the book. Richard Comar plays U.S. marshal Jack Craddock, a crusty lawman, who's likely to shoot first and ask questions later. They administer two systems of justice. Bordertown is a co-production of Canada, France and the United States. Co-starring with Brennan and Comar is Sophie Barjac, a Parisian who plays widowed doctor Marie Dumont. She dispenses medicine and groceries in the town.

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S3E24 - A Small Kindness

Air Date: 02 Mar 1991 23:00 (CDT)

S3E25 - Frontier Passage

Air Date: 09 Mar 1991 23:00 (CDT)

S3E26 - Under Western Skies

Air Date: 16 Mar 1991 23:00 (CDT)