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Gemma Evon is one of Dallas's toughest divorce attorneys. She is the kind of divorce attorney clients seek out not to get an amicable divorce but to completely decimate their ex. Gemma's intelligence and toughness with her cases have gotten her a mansion in Dallas's most prestigious neighborhood and a corner office at the firm, but not partnership - yet. But Gemma's past is far different from the ritzy Dallas social life she leads today. Raised in the trailer parks of Texas, she and her sister Jules had a tough time growing up with a single mom who was always on the run and couldn't always protect them or provide for them. It is this tumultuous past that sent the sisters in two different directions - Jules grew up to find herself bouncing from relationship to relationship, never being able to hold down a job, and always getting herself too wrapped up in the wrong guy. Gemma, on the other hand, reinvented herself by taming her accent and never allowing people to see the scars of her past. But it is these childhood traumas that still haunt her at night and that have fueled her steely drive for success. We meet Gemma when she is on the brink of getting everything she's strived for - she is on the verge of reeling in one of the most public and expensive divorce cases in the state where billions of dollars are at stake, as well as her coveted partnership. And at home she's reeled in Oliver, the handsome, rich fiancé she always wanted. But unfortunately for Gemma, Jules arrives on the scene following another destructive relationship that causes her to lean on her sister for a place to stay. It is this arrival that drives Gemma's own self-destructive qualities into high gear when she acts out by sleeping with her boss, James, who knows more about Gemma's past than Oliver does. And when a co-worker, Mark, starts trying to ingratiate himself on Gemma's biggest divorce case, Gemma knows now more than ever is not the time to allow Jules's emotional drama to derail her own drive.

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S2E37 - The Outlaws

Air Date: 10 Jun 1958 21:00 (CDT)

S2E38 - Jeopardy

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S2E39 - The Transfer

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