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"Butch Cassidy," a half- hour animated series, in color, chronicles the comic adventures of Butch Cassidy, rock superstar, and his musical group. It aired Saturdays during 1973-74 season.
In the group are Wally, Butch's sister Steffy, and Merilee plus their hound dog, Elvis...
Butch and his group are more than just a rock combo. They are fighters against the "bad guys" of the world, wherever they may be found. Each week Butch and his pals check into what looks like a talent agency, where musicians would go to get work. But, with the help of automatic sliding doors, they walk into a futuristic, electronic layout dominated by Mr. Socrates, a computer. From Mr. Socrates, they get their weekly assignment — see about a luxury yacht that's been "kidnapped" in the Caribbean, help a friendly prince who is in trouble with evil schemers in India and so on. Each week, though, the group will perform at least one rock tune.
The characters' voices are done by Chip Hand (Butch), Mickey Dolenz (Wally), Judy Strangis (Steffy), Pam Peters (Merilee) and Frank Welker (Elvis).
"Butch Cassidy" is produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions in Hollywood, Calif.

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List of episodes

S1E11 - The Parrot Caper

Air Date: 17 Nov 1973 09:00 (CDT)

S1E12 - The Super Sub

Air Date: 24 Nov 1973 09:00 (CDT)

S1E13 - The Haunted Castle

Air Date: 01 Dec 1973 09:00 (CDT)