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'Deceived' is about economic crime. About what happens to people when greed and ambition corrupts. The series exposes viewers to economic crime's complex world. In the banks, the stock exchange and in boardrooms.

It is the story of speculators, swindlers and corporate princes and the crimes they commit in the pursuit of wealth. The investigation, which is lead by a police officer named "Mads" seems some steps behind the culprit's manouvers. A couple of youngsters get themselves involved in whitewashing of Money. The two main story lines are crossing each other.

The series, which had the working title 'Follow the Money', is a drama series in 10 episodes with Jeppe Gjervig Gram (Borgen) as principal author..

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List of episodes

S3E8 - Episode 8

Alf's decision to go against the chief police inspector's orders following a murder has severe consequences for the Nørrebro Task Force. Marco's true identity is revealed and Nicky is now forced to deal with his business arrangement with Lala. Alf is on the trail of Anna, investigating her as a possible connection to Nicky, when her husband suddenly comes to her rescue.

Air Date: 24 Feb 2019 13:00 (CDT)

S3E9 - Episode 9

Sahar saves Nicky's life after Lala's attack. Alf and Stine hunt the wounded Nicky, but find that he is one step ahead of them. Anna realises that Nicky can no longer help her when her family is sought out by Lala and his criminal partners. Nicky seeks a way out. The chief police inspector interferes with Alf's investigation.

Air Date: 03 Mar 2019 13:00 (CDT)

S3E10 - Episode 10

The season finale has Alf on a vicious hunt for Nicky before he escapes the country. Nicky must say goodbye to what is most precious to him and Anna receives an offer she cannot refuse. Alf and Nicky both realise that there are tragic consequences to their actions.

Air Date: 10 Mar 2019 14:00 (CDT)