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"Cash Cab Chicago" follows Beth Melewski who hosts a brand new Chicago edition of everyone’s favorite game show-on-the-go. Just like its counterpart, this show takes unsuspecting riders on the streets and gives him trivia questions that, if they get it right, have the chance to get money. As the meter runs, the more money they have. However, if they get it wrong three times, their ride is over and they are left with whatever money they make. No matter where they are, if they don't get it right, their ride is over. Each week is a new set of questions and the contestants have to be on their toes because they never know when the Cash Cab is going to get them. Created by Tony Tackaberry, Tom Cohen and Allison Corn, "Cash Cab Chicago" is a show that takes ordinary people and turns their lives into something fun a little bit each time.

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S1E13 - Season 1, Episode 13

Air Date: 02 Mar 2011 17:30 (CDT)

S1E14 - Season 1, Episode 14

Air Date: 03 Mar 2011 17:30 (CDT)

S1E15 - Season 1, Episode 15

Air Date: 04 Mar 2011 17:30 (CDT)