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Kiwi stars face off in paradise for the chance to win money for their chosen charities. With eliminations each week until the final celebrities remain, it will be a treasure hunt to end all treasure hunts!

Celebrity Treasure Island Next Episode Air Date

Next Episode is 'Episode 4' (Season 4 Episode 4) and airs on 25 Sep 2023 01:30 (CDT).

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List of episodes

S4E1 - Episode 1

18 Celebrities arrive, and are ready to battle it out for a worthy cause. A remote location and new challenges will push them to their limit!

Air Date: 18 Sep 2023 02:30 (CDT)

S4E2 - Episode 2

The game turns up a notch as fresh-faced celebs try their hand at wheeling and dealing. Then, an elimination challenge sees two celebrities going head to head for the first time in Te Waipounamu.

Air Date: 19 Sep 2023 02:30 (CDT)

S4E3 - Episode 3

17 celebrities remain, and while some players are busy trying to perfect their rice cooking skills, others are learning the way of the game quick and fast.

Air Date: 20 Sep 2023 02:30 (CDT)

S4E4 - Episode 4

16 Celebrities remain on the island. But as they begin to settle into their alliances – Jayden and Bree announce a Captain's Coup which has everyone eager to see how the game could change.

Air Date: 25 Sep 2023 01:30 (CDT)

S4E5 - Episode 5

On Celebrity Island, Team captain Jordan, is feeling safe and secure as team Kārearea head into the next face-off challenge. But a game-changing decision threatens to flip the game on its head.

Air Date: 26 Sep 2023 01:30 (CDT)

S4E6 - Episode 6

Tensions are high over at Kārearea after losing another team member. With a camp divided, can they pull it together and claim back victory?

Air Date: 27 Sep 2023 01:30 (CDT)