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For free room and board, a college student takes care of three kids while still finding time for a social life (apparently his studies tended to get back-burnered).

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S5E24 - Seeing Is Believing

While picking up a cake for Mrs. Powell's birthday, Charles gets stuck in an elevator with an attractive woman. He is initially excited about a possible romance with her until he finds out that she is blind.

Air Date: 27 Oct 1990 11:00 (CDT)

S5E25 - Fair Exchange

Sarah tries to help her relatives communicate with each other.

Air Date: 03 Nov 1990 11:00 (CDT)

S5E26 - Charles Be DeMille

Charles faces a tough choice when he must decide whether to help the Powell children by directing their fund-raising play or to study for a test that will get him into graduate school at Princeton.

Air Date: 10 Nov 1990 11:00 (CDT)