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Chase is a new cops 'n' robbers series produced by Jack Webb works. This one-hour show, is sort of a salt-free "Mod Squad" about yet another hip undercover police unit. Now people who pack .357 Magnums.
Chase premiered with Wayne Maunder added to the regular cast which has been introduced in a pilot movie: Mitchell Ryan as Chase Reddick, the cop who heads an underground unit, Reid Smith, Michael Richardson, Brian Fong and a dog named Fuzz. The squad, which divorces itself from the official uniform and regulations and dresses in comfortable attire, sporting long hair and leather jackets, is headed by Capt. Chase Reddick. portrayed by Mitchell Ryan. Reid Smith plays Norm Hamilton, an expert helicopter pilot; Michael Richardson portrays Steve Baker, a hot rod and car expert; Brian Fong plays Fred Sing, who rides his own motorcycle instead of the department issue; Wayne Maunder is Sgt. Sam MacCray, who works with a trained police dog, and Albert Reed appears as Inspector Frank Dawson, the squad's chief and only contact with the police department.
The cases the group inherits are those described as "the bottom of the barrel" or those other departments have given up on.
"Chase" is produced on location in and around Los Angeles and at Universal Studios by Jack Webb's Mark VII Ltd in association with the NBC Television Network.

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S1E20 - Remote Control

Air Date: 27 Feb 1974 20:00 (CDT)

S1E21 - Eighty-Six Proof TNT

Air Date: 20 Mar 1974 20:00 (CDT)

S1E22 - The People Parlay

Air Date: 10 Apr 1974 20:00 (CDT)