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Cheers takes viewers back to the Boston bar where everybody knows your name. As former baseball star Sam Malone and his colleague Diane Chambers fight their mutual attractions, they cater to their regulars including Norm Petersen and Cliff Claven. Talking about their problems, laughing at each other's flaws and trying to be there when someone needs them, the gang are joined by naïve farm boy Woody, bitter waitress Carla , troubled psychiatrist Frasier and his wife.

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S11E26 - One for the Road (1)

The gang finally finds out what has happened to Diane Chambers when they see her winning an award on television. Sam calls Diane to congratulate her and ends up inviting her back to Boston where they reunite one last time. Meanwhile, Don the plumber pops the question to Rebecca and gets an unexpected answer.

Air Date: 20 May 1993 20:00 (CDT)

S11E27 - One for the Road (2)

Reconciliation comes from Sam and Diane after an unexpected turn of events.

Air Date: 20 May 1993 20:30 (CDT)

S11E28 - One for the Road (3)

Sam and Diane are plagued with doubts about getting back together.

Air Date: 20 May 1993 21:00 (CDT)