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The series follows the intense and dramatic events of its staff as they cope with the pressures of both work and their personal lives.

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S6E20 - Thoughts of You

McNeil goes against procedure and red tape and performs a hip replacement surgery; Shutt and Simon transplant a computer into a patient's brain in an attempt to help him communicate; Alberghetti tries to ignore her feelings for Miller.

Air Date: 20 Apr 2000 11:00 (CDT)

S6E21 - Everybody's Special at Chicago Hope

A coma victim awakens after 15 years; Miller learns firsthand how his cutbacks have affected the quality of care when a heart attack turns him into a patient, and what happens when the man who saves him is denied coverage.

Air Date: 27 Apr 2000 11:00 (CDT)

S6E22 - Have I Got a Deal for You

With the hospital proving to be a profit drain, Chicago Hope's new parent company decides to sell, which will mean firing the staff and selling the equipment. So Miller devises a way to pay off the debts and keep the hospital alive. It's a plot that involves a computer whiz who's paralyzed and wants experimental surgery in which a computer chip could help him walk again.

Air Date: 04 May 2000 11:00 (CDT)