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The return of Cold Case Files will explore compelling new cases that have gone cold for years and chronicle the journeys of the detectives who reopened them. The detectives relive the events of the crimes, reveal new twists and startling revelations for full viewer immersion into these tragic cases, relying on breakthroughs in forensic technology and the influence of social media to help crack these cases - bringing long-awaited closure to the victim's families and friends.

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S3E6 - Taken in Tacoma

When 13-year-old Jennifer Bastian is abducted and murdered in August of 1986, residents of Tacoma panic. This is the second young girl killed in five months. Convinced a predator is loose, Police embark on a 32-year inquiry to catch the killer.

Air Date: 24 Sep 2022 20:00 (CDT)

S3E7 - The Rifkin Murders. Part 1

Air Date: 30 Sep 2023 19:00 (CDT)

S3E8 - The Rifkin Murders. Part 2

Air Date: 30 Sep 2023 21:00 (CDT)