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Jefferson Keyes operates in that rarified atmosphere reserved for the superpowerful and the super-rich and collects $1 million for solving a case. That's NBC's "Cool Million." In COOL MILLION, James Farentino portrays a world renowned figure who charges a million dollar fee for solving problems which include kidnapping, embezzlement and robberies. AS PLAYED BY James Farentino, Jefferson Keyes is an international operator who collects a "Cool Million" fee for his services, whatever they may be. He's smooth, untrammeled and he works alone, crossing international borders with ease because he has established himself as an agent who has no red-tape fetters. Jeff can do in hours what Interpol, the CIA (of which he formerly was a member) and many other agencies take weeks and months to clear. He's known and knows; he's respected, and he respects, but he acts independently. His "Cool Million" fee goes not only for his expenses and his services, but also to allay some elements of his past which compel him to take independent action in an ever shrinking and interesting world. Quite naturally, his world is handsome, since he contracts those who can afford his services. Since his services range widely, so do his activities in earning his "Cool Million."

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S1E2 - Assault on Gavaloni

Air Date: 22 Nov 1972 19:30 (CDT)

S1E3 - The Abduction of Baynard Barnes

Air Date: 06 Dec 1972 19:30 (CDT)

S1E4 - The Million Dollar Misunderstanding

Air Date: 20 Dec 1972 19:30 (CDT)