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Three young doctors trained at the Texas Medical Center are sent to the small town of Cutter, where they establish a community hospital. "Cutter to Houston" is, of course, the 1980s, high tech version of "Young Interns." Plainly, it's the three doctors who had to sustain — read that save — the show. Andy, the general practitioner, has returned to Cutter to repay the loan debt that financed his medical education. He is accompanied by Beth Gordon, the daughter of a brilliant, surgeon who has followed in her parent's footsteps,and Hal Wexler, the internist, who turns out to have served time in prison for illegally dispensing barbiturates. Hal doesn't spend as much time treating patients as he does courting one of the local beauties — a move opposed by her redneck Brother. That leads to a baseball face-off between the pair. At least, that is different. Jim Metzler, who emerged from the shadows in "Tex," plays the ameliorating Andy with the same measured confidence and concern he brought to the Disney movie. Former "Charlie's Angel" Shelley Hack's warm personality goes far to making Beth sympathetic and appealing. As Hal, Alec Baldwin must supply the harder edges.

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S1E5 - Race for Life

Air Date: 17 Dec 1983 19:00 (CDT)

S1E6 - Tell Me a Riddle, Daddy

Air Date: 24 Dec 1983 19:00 (CDT)

S1E7 - The Life You Save

Air Date: 31 Dec 1983 19:00 (CDT)