Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventures

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This anime is about a teenager named, Kazuki Yotsuga who can see into an alternate world. In his web site, he described the battles between giant robots as seen in the alternate world. One day, he is approached by the most popular girl in school, Mitsuki Sanada who took him home to see her father. Her father, Professor Sanada is a scientist and is studying parallel worlds. He became interested in Kazuki after hearing news that Kazuki has the ability to see into the alternate world. Then, an accident occurred and Kazuki is sent to the alternate world by the machine, created by Professor Sanada.

In that world, he met Professor Sanada who is different from the one in his own world. He learned that in this alternate world, he does not exist and the world is at war. Now, in this world, he has the ability to pilot giant robots and battles other robots in the hope of ending the global war and then returning to his own world. At the same time, he also has to deal with romances too.

Opening Theme:
#01: Dual! - Haru & Sayaka (episode 2-13) (Lyrics)

Ending Theme:
#01: Real - Shifo (Lyrics)

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List of episodes

S1E11 - Real

Air Date: 05 May 2003 22:00 (CDT)

S1E12 - Ardent Desire

Air Date: 05 May 2003 22:00 (CDT)

S1E13 - The World

Air Date: 06 May 2003 22:00 (CDT)