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Lviv, May 1939. A little boy dies in terrible torments. The news of the ritual murder committed by Jews is circulating around the city. Panic breaks out. Whose baby will be next? The whole city counts on commissioner Edward Popielski. However, the commissioner does not want to pursue the case. Not this time. The specter of the impending war and paralyzing fear rule Lviv, only its criminal world still lives according to the old rules. Everyone knows Popielski, who works only at night. Nobody wants to work with him. Nobody wants to expose themselves to him. The city steeped in crime has obscured the shadow of Erinia, the goddesses of vengeance.

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S1E10 - Subterra

Wrocław in 1946 is the world after the apocalypse. Everyone seems to be tainted by evil. And yet, in Popielski's poor apartment, someone special appears. Professor Stefanus, a man who absolutely believes in human evolution towards good. He comes to Popielski with a job offer. The detective is to discover who, among the students of Stefanus's secret philosophy course, is the informer. Circumstantial evidence indicates that one of the three girls is a spy.

Air Date: 15 Nov 2022 05:00 (CDT)

S1E11 - Patodycea

Lodzia, after the torture chamber of the UB, ends up in the hospital, she is very ill, and Edward takes care of her with great care. Following her tip, Popielski goes on the trail of three Soviet soldiers. There, his paths cross with Captain Mikhail Chernikov, who, looking for Soviet stragglers, tracks Popielski. The result of this cooperation is the capture of one of Koldashov's rapists and his public execution.

Air Date: 15 Nov 2022 05:00 (CDT)

S1E12 - Experimentum Crucis

During the investigation, Popielski finds a trail of a strange Russian - Boroszwili, who hangs around Murawski's house. Following him, he ends up at Szaberplatz, where Boroszwili is doing business with Colonel Bogdylov himself. Now everything is starting to come together. Edward notifies Chernikov, who launches an internal investigation into the case of Boroshvili and Bogdylov.

Air Date: 15 Nov 2022 05:00 (CDT)