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Contemporary and controversial reality television for TV3 - The scenario

We are located on an island in the South China Sea. Breathtaking sun, white sand beach, coconut trees, crystal clear, turquoise sea. Time to enjoy and muse in abundance. A carefree and enjoyable life for all visitors to the island? Not for the 16 men and women from Switzerland, who are exposed here. 50 days and nights they are fighting fiercely to remain in the tropical paradise. The nights are sultry and food scarce. The hunger is gnawing at the substance. When fish are finally caught, beaten a coconut from the palm?

In the evening, the fire they tell each other stories from life. We laugh at himself, the clumsiness of others and is pleased to heal another day survived to have an adventure together. But appearances are deceptive get-together of dare. Twice a week, namely person, a group of expelled and banished from the island, maybe just voted by the person who can still build the dormitory has helped the previous day.

And always there is the nagging question: Who will be the next?

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