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Food Network takes chefs out of their kitchen comfort zone in new primetime series "Extreme Chef" premiering Thursday, June 30th at 10pm ET/PT. Hosted by TV veteran and seasoned world traveler Marsh Mokhtari, each episode pushes three chefs to their physical and mental limits as they must adjust to extreme conditions and unpredictable curveballs such as swimming across a lake for ingredients and using a car engine as a makeshift stove. Whether extracting ingredients from a block of ice or using a pocket knife as a lone cooking utensil, each of the eight episodes in season one follows three culinary pros as they navigate this over-the-top contest vying for $10,000 and the coveted title of "Extreme Chef". With three challenges per episode, the competitors' wits, adaptability and artistry are tested as they must cook up a way to showcase their creative chops while surviving the ultimate competition. With minimal time to complete each challenge, speed counts but quality matters most in the end. After the first two challenges, one chef is eliminated and the two remaining competitors battle in the ultimate showdown. From beaches and farms to ghost towns and mountains, "Extreme Chef" takes the competitors to obscure locations for each out-of-the-box challenge, like cooking a meal on a deserted island, preparing a perfect block party in a torrential downpour and gathering ingredients from a bucket of rattlesnakes. (Source: The FOOD Network)

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List of episodes

S2E3 - Desert Survival

Air Date: 30 Aug 2012 22:00 (CDT)

S2E4 - Off to Thailand

Air Date: 06 Sep 2012 22:00 (CDT)

S2E5 - The $50,000 Bite

Air Date: 13 Sep 2012 22:00 (CDT)