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An insight into the lives of Dr Darren McKeown and husband Tom as they navigate a big year running a cosmetic clinic, building a luxurious cosmetic hospital and having their first child.

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S1E1 - Episode 1

Welcome to the world of aesthetic medicine. In the first episode, we meet Dr Darren McKeown and his husband, Tom Cronin. Immersed in their world, we get a behind-the-scenes insight into the running of their aesthetic clinic in Glasgow, which carries out cosmetic procedures such as fillers, laser, botox, and full surgical facelifts.

Meeting the faces behind the procedures, we hear from patients who tell us why they come to the clinic. One such patient is Janet, whose heartwarming story sees her undergo an amazing physical and mental transformation. We also meet the clinic staff that work with Darren and Tom to care for the huge range of patients who walk through the clinic doors each day.

Darren and Tom also lift the lid on their personal lives, as 2022 shapes up to be their biggest year together yet. Following their marriage, they plan to have a baby via surrogate in America, and we follow their journey as they prepare for parenthood. We also explore their most ambitious project to date - building the world's most luxurious cosmetic surgery hospital in the heart of Glasgow.

Air Date: 28 Mar 2023 06:00 (CDT)

S1E2 - Episode 2

With construction under way at the new hospital, it's all hands on deck to make Darren and Tom's dream a reality. Meanwhile, back at the clinic, we meet Dr Russell Bramhall, the aesthetic surgeon behind the clinic's surgical procedures. We also meet Kim, as she prepares to undergo a facelift.

As Darren's step brother Marc and the builders begin construction at the new hospital, Darren and Tom work with architect Ruari Gardiner to get the design of the hospital just right. Darren and Tom go for a romantic date night, before preparing for their imminent trip to America and the arrival of their baby girl

It's surgery day at the clinic, and Kim's facelift by Dr Russell is under way. The clinic staff get a tour of the new hospital to understand Darren and Tom's ambitious vision, and we spend some time with Dr Rhona Cameron to find out about her role within the practice. There is a final farewell party with all the staff, before Darren and Tom jet off to Palm Springs to have their baby girl.

Air Date: 28 Mar 2023 06:00 (CDT)

S1E3 - Episode 3

Darren and Tom have touched down in America! Staying in Palm Springs, they prep for the arrival of their daughter. While they are there, Darren and Tom visit Dr Ben Talei, one of America's top facial plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, for advice on the running of the new hospital.

Back in Glasgow, Dr Rhona Cameron is training up new aesthetic doctor Dr Nina Singh to work at the clinic. We see Dr Nina carry out a filler procedure and learn about her goal to treat skin of colour within the clinic.

Across the pond, Darren and Tom begin nesting for their baby, building the cot and buying the essentials ahead of her arrival. Shortly after, we see the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Ophelia, and hear what that joyous moment meant to them. After enjoying their newfound family bubble, tensions rise as Ophelia develops an infection. Darren and Tom have a video call with the clinic staff back home, and principal contractor Marc holds the fort at the new hospital as they run into complications with the ventilation system.

Landing back on home soil, Darren and Tom bring Ophelia into the clinic to meet the staff for the first time. Darren celebrates his birthday and returns to work, and we meet Gillian, who is looking to have some fillers done. Building work ramps up at the new hospital, and Darren and Tom travel to Eichholtz, an interior design show room in Amsterdam, with architects Ruari and Craig to get design inspiration. Back at home, Darren and Tom settle into family life.

Air Date: 28 Mar 2023 06:00 (CDT)

S1E4 - Episode 4

Darren and Tom get the clinic team together to update them on the hospital. With the deadline approaching and the building not ready, Darren and Tom inform the team that they will all have to wait a while longer. Settling into their new life as a family unit, Darren and Tom navigate the surrogacy laws between the UK and America.

Patient Aileen visits Dr Russell Bramhall for a facelift and eyelid surgery consultation. Dr Rhona Cameron carries out some of the last procedures before Christmas, and all the staff take a trip to London for their annual Christmas night out. Ahead of celebrating Ophelia's first Christmas, Darren and Tom shop for some presents for her (while in London). It's Christmas, and Darren and Tom celebrate Ophelia's first Christmas as a family. Back at the clinic, Aileen undergoes her Facelift surgery with Dr Russell Bramhall, and we meet Nicola, a patient who is in to see Darren about her acne scarring. Darren carries out some laser treatment on Nicola to try to combat her insecurities. We then catch up with Aileen, who is four weeks healed after her facelift and eyelid surgery. Nicola returns for her follow up consultation after her laser treatment and we learn how having adult acne severely impacted her mental health. At home, Darren and Tom enjoy time with Ophelia and reflect on the first few months of having her in their lives.
We round off the series with an update on the new hospital from principal contractor Marc and architect Ruari Gardiner and how it unfortunately won't be ready for the original deadline. Darren, Tom and the clinic staff reflect on the past year and look ahead at the future, their hopes for the new hospital and the year ahead.

Air Date: 28 Mar 2023 06:00 (CDT)