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William and Hester Fields have been very happily married for twenty years. Their children have flown the nest and Hester thinks there are a still few things left to do between now and the pension book. With a renewed zest for life and a fresh dynamism in their relationship, she insists that the couple take up a number of new pastimes and challenges even if William sometimes lacks his wife s enthusiasm and seemingly boundless energy.

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S4E6 - Caught in the Act

William's efforts to mend a leaking tap only make things worse, requiring a visit from the plumber. Even worse, Peter's parents, Margaret and Henry Richardson, arrive unannounced and want to stay overnight. The Fields invent a planned visit to Bournemouth and hide at Sonia's, but then the Richardsons call on Sonia and the Fields flee to Nancy's flat - where they're mistaken for burglars. They explain that they had to return early when Nancy caught the flu, but then Henry actually catches it, so the Fields are stuck with the Richardsons for a few days. 

Air Date: 09 Oct 1986 06:00 (CDT)

S4E7 - Brighton or Bust

Hester is preparing for a charity cycle ride to Brighton to raise funds for the RSPCA but William can do without her practising five miles a night on her exercise bike when he wants to sleep. Hester takes part in the race but gets caught short and chased by a cow in a field, coming into Brighton in last position. That night, feeling less charitable toward the animals she helped, she throws a bucket of water over two noisy cats outside her bedroom window, soaking Sonia in the process. 

Air Date: 16 Oct 1986 06:00 (CDT)

S4E8 - Happy Returns

The Fields return from Italy to England in time for William to treat Hester for her 45th birthday. Despite his back giving out, requiring a doctor's visit, the evening is on again until Hester is called in for an emergency at her restaurant. But it's a ruse: it's the venue for the surprise party William has been planning for her. An even bigger surprise: Nancy and Guy have gotten remarried. 

Air Date: 23 Oct 1986 06:00 (CDT)