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Fry's Planet Word sees Stephen Fry finding out more about linguistic achievements and how our skills for the spoken word have changed. He dissects language in many of its guises.

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S1E3 - Uses and Abuses

Documentary series. Stephen learns that swearing plays an important part in human communication, and that slang and jargon can both aid and thwart clarity.

Air Date: 09 Oct 2011 15:00 (CDT)

S1E4 - Spreading the Word

Stephen Fry looks at the written word, starting with the earliest form of writing - cuneiform, and ending with the modern inventions of blogging and twittering.

Air Date: 16 Oct 2011 15:00 (CDT)

S1E5 - The Power and the Glory

Stephen Fry explores language. He looks at our desire to entertain and explain through stories, and why any attempt at formula is doomed to fail.

Air Date: 23 Oct 2011 15:00 (CDT)