Full Metal Panic Fumoffu

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Sousuke Sagara, Kaname Chidori and their friends are back after the events of the original Full Metal Panic series.

Follow Sousuke Sagara as he tries to cope with life as a high school student all the while trying to keep Kaname Chidori out of harms way.

Suffice to say, highly trained soldier but oh so clueless Sousuke manages to get himself.. and everyone else around him in trouble - with hilarious consequences!

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List of episodes

S1E15 - Fancy with No Moral Code

Air Date: 03 Nov 2003 21:00 (CDT)

S1E16 - Uncontrollable Bluebird

Air Date: 10 Nov 2003 21:00 (CDT)

S1E17 - 5 O'clock's Hot Spot

Air Date: 17 Nov 2003 21:00 (CDT)