Fushigi Yuugi

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Junior high students and best friends Yuuki Miaka and Hongo Yui encounter a mysterious book, THE FOUR GODS OF THE EARTH AND SKY, while at the library. The opening lines of the book explain that it is the legendary story of a young girl transported to a faraway land, and that it is also an incantation to make the story real. Once they read past this introduction, they are instantly transported into the world of the book, ancient China.

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List of episodes

S4E1 - Ova3 Ep1: Eikou Den - Beginning of the Myth

Air Date: 20 Dec 2001 09:00 (CDT)

S4E3 - Ova3 Ep3: Eikou Den - Twist of Fate of the Seven Stars

Air Date: 24 Apr 2002 10:00 (CDT)

S4E4 - Ova3 Ep4: Eikou Den - Befalling of Suzaku

Air Date: 24 Jun 2002 10:00 (CDT)