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This animated series is based on children's books, with similar character design and abstract story, animation, and backgrounds. It stars a cat named Gofrette, who works at El Theatro Zanimo with his Itailian cousin Garbanzo, and Greta the Gorilla. Two of Gofrette's best friends is a dog named fudge, who is a cab driver; and Ellie Coptor, who is a bird with a propellor on her head that owns a salon and is a magazine publisher. They have many adventures together in Zanimo. Some of the other charaters is Wendell, who is usually a homeless, toothless wolf. There is a green pig named Hamlet who owns The Very General Store with his bossy wife, Mrs. Hamlet. The forest rangers are Mr. Moose and Mrs. Mistermoose. Gofrette is aware of the existence of tiny creatures called Gnugnuts, and his refrigerator mumbles at him. The show ran for 26 episodes, each containing 2 shorts, meaning there are 52 shorts altogether. It originally aired on CBC, but is also rebroadcast on Qubo. It is distributed by Porchlight Entertainment.

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