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Comedy talk entertainment show which explores the answers to some original and unusual questions.

Ask Colin Murphy no questions, he’ll tell you no lies. Ask him some of the universe’s great unanswered questions and who knows what he’ll tell you in return.

Colin Murphy’s Great Unanswered Questions, which has already enjoyed a successful run on BBC Radio Ulster and BBC Radio 4, is now making its television debut on BBC One Northern Ireland.

Like many good ideas, Colin Murphy’s Great Unanswered Questions came about during a random conversation over a few pints between funny man Colin Murphy and the BBC Northern Ireland’s Executive Producer of comedy, Jackie Hamilton. Mindprobing questions were asked and possible answers discussed. Who are the smartest brain surgeons or rocket scientists? And why do mattresses have patterns when we cover them up to use them? How fast would you need to be going to be bullet proof? And, of course, could pigs fly?

Needless to say, sensible answers to these questions were scarce but there were plenty of laughs had and so the seeds were sewn for Colin Murphy’s Great Unanswered Questions.

The perfect aperitif to a few drinks on a Friday night, this rib-tickling, mind-boggler of a programme sees Colin and a special guest comedian join the programme’s two panellists who actually know what they are talking about (the ‘brainiac’ and ‘computergeek’) to answer questions set by the great Northern Ireland public.

Colin’s experts each week are Dr David Booth, a doctor of Evolutionary Genetics from Queen’s University, who tries to put the science part in the programme and 23-year-old Matthew Collins, a PhD student in Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence, who is a whizz at the worldwide web and has all the potential answers at his fingertips.
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