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Have a great time with Ron, Natalie, and their family. This was a great kids show that won many awards. This show is targeted for the younger audience. It teaches kids how to learn fun and games while learning life's problems and situations, mainly through song. One of the major things this show did was a live stage show. Yes, Gullah Gullah Island Live. The show was canceled after 3 years.

Gullah Gullah Island is a wonderful children's show. And staging a live show was absolute genius!

The show was about hosts Ron and Natalie Diase inviting
viewers into the Gullah culture by a rich mix of songs, games, humor,
and dance. The show premiered on Nickelodeon as part of a new line-up
entitled Nick Jr in the fall of 1994. Instantly it became a hit and
the highest rated television show. TV Guide proclaimed, "In the top
ten of the best children's show of all time!" This show was widely
watched for its story plots, lovable characters, and educational
values. After a four season run the show was removed from the Nick Jr
line-up and on to Noggin where it aired in re-runs up until the middle
of 2004 when the show abruptly was removed from the schedule.
Throughout the series run it released merchandise from Paramount Home
Video to live concert performances. In addition, the story plots in each episode were very entertaining
to young viewers. Episodes plots varied from experiencing the birth of
turtle hatchlings to who stole the cookie out of the cookie jar?
Subjects for each episode were about simple things that children can
relate to like birthdays, jokes, etc. Although children have a short
attention span, the show was always exciting for its viewers. Many
episodes revolved around Gullah culture such as the family going to
the park for Gullah day, in which the family dressed like the native
Gullah people and performed thought song and dance. In each episode,
viewers explored the unique Gullah culture with and up close look at
the community and its people including artists, fishermen, weavers,
and farmers. From the opening theme sequence to the ending credits,
viewers young and old were captivated by each heart-warming episode.
Aside from the episode plots the show had great characters. The
actors who played the characters stayed true to themselves and their
roles in life like Natalie, the mother. In real life, she is the mother
of the young infant in the show Simeon who also played that role in
the show. The cast of the show was made up of James, the eldest 10
year old son; Vanessa who is nine years old and visiting her Aunt
Natalie, Uncle Ron and cousins for awhile while her parents are in
Africa teaching through an exchange program; Shania the daughter in
the show, and Ron and Natalie Diase the multi talented parents who
watch over the youngsters. The star of the show is a two year old
pollywog name Binyah Binyah who sings, dances and does everything that
a child can do. In conclusion, Gullah Gullah Island was part of 90's pop culture and is greatly missed and wanted back for viewers to watch. With only episodes that were twenty-two in a half minutes long, the show covered captivating story plots, lovable characters, and educational values.

There is no news on a possible DVD release.

Gullah Gullah Island can currently be seen on nick videos, but no channel networks currently carry the show.

Theme Song

Come lets go play together in the bright sunny weather.
Lets all go to Gullah, Gullah Island, Gullah, Gullah Island.
Gullah, Gullah, Gullah, Gullah

Lots to see and to do there. All we need now is you there.
Lets all go to Gullah, Gullah Island Gullah, Gullah Island.
Gullah, Gullah, Gullah, Gullah

Just put your foot in your hand. That means hurry up.
Don’t miss the good things that we’ve planned.

So come lets go play together in the bright sunny weather.
Lets all go to Gullah, Gullah Island, Gullah, Gullah Island, Gullah, Gullah Island.

Gullah Gullah Island's peak in popularity peaked in the mid to late 90's in which no other children's show achieved the ratings in which Gullah Gullah Island did. This program was actually filmed at Hunting Island in South Carolina, near Beaufort SC. Many locals were featured in the show throughout the series. When the family traveled to the market or celebrated Gullah Gullah Island many locals were casted to play themselves. Many were un-aware of the fact that Gullah is an actual culture that has been active in the pacific region for centuries carrying on traditions that have been passed down from generation from generation. Production for Gullah Gullah Island ended in 1999, but Ron and Natalie are still available for performances. In the television show Simeon is actually the son of Ron and Natalie - he is now age 14. Also Sara, one of the neighbor children and Shaina's "best friend" is their daughter. The legacy of Gullah Gullah Island lives on today - although no longer aired in any format - its memories live on and with the rapid release of DVD it is only a matter of time before some complication of Gullah Gullah Island episodes are released on DVD.

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