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Hellsing, or ヘルシング in Japanese, is based on the wildly popular manga by Kohta Hirano, the Hellsing anime, produced by Japan's popular Gonzo Studio, gained a loyal fan-base with its Gothic stylishness and dark action.

A secret war brews in the night - A war where humanity is only a pawn. The Hellsing Organization deploys in the shadows to protect the mortal world. But now, artificially spawned vampires have appeared, forcing Hellsing to call in their ultimate weapon - the rogue vampire Alucard!

The Hellsing Organization is a small, elite group that deals with the creatures of the night. Vampires are indeed real and Hellsing is what keeps them quiet and out of the public's eye. Very few people know of Hellsings existence and it's meant to be that way, but when several 'fake', artificial Vampires begin to appear and cause trouble by killing innocents and creating Ghouls, or undead minions, the Hellsing Organization begins to worry. Who is supplying these chips that create those nontraditional Vampires, and why?

Opening Theme:
"Logos Naki World (A World Without Logos)" by Yasushi Ishii
Ending Theme:
"Shine" by Mr. Big
The English Dubbed version of Hellsing can be found here.

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S1E11 - Transcend Force

Air Date: 18 Dec 2001 21:00 (CDT)

S1E12 - Total Destruction

Air Date: 08 Jan 2002 21:00 (CDT)

S1E13 - Hellfire

Air Date: 15 Jan 2002 21:00 (CDT)