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Henpocalypse! is centred around bridezilla Zara whose hen-do is interrupted by the apocalypse. She and her fellow working-class West Midlander hens face a struggle for survival while they wait out the breakdown of human civilisation in an isolated holiday cottage in Wales.

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List of episodes

S1E1 - Tits Up

Zara and her bridal party leave their Birmingham council estate for a messy hen do in an isolated Welsh cottage. However, the fun gets derailed by the end of the world. With only their hen do paraphernalia and zero survival skills to call on, how will the women fare against Armageddon? With food running out, the hens are forced to break quarantine and venture into post-apocalyptic Snowdonia.

Air Date: 15 Aug 2023 00:00 (CDT)

S1E2 - Ends of the Earth

The hens get an unpleasant surprise in a post-apocalyptic mini-mart in Snowdonia. Mother of the bride Bernadette sees a way to turn the situation to their advantage, but it's a high risk strategy, given the secret the women are keeping back at the cottage. In her hour of need, one of the hens gets help from a national treasure.

Air Date: 15 Aug 2023 00:00 (CDT)

S1E3 - Liquid Gold

The hens deal with the fallout of their encounter with their new enemies. Bernadette comes up with an audacious plan to make life better for the bridal party, but it's highly unorthodox, and she faces opposition from the other hens. Shelly tries to make amends for past mistakes but finds herself troubled by unpleasant memories.

Air Date: 15 Aug 2023 00:00 (CDT)

S1E4 - Feel the Bern

Chief bridesmaid Shelly makes a shocking discovery that could ruin everything for the hens. With time running out, she finds an unexpected ally in beautician-turned-inventor Veena and comes up with a drastic plan of action. Bernadette's business proposal takes an unexpected turn after a post-apocalyptic makeover.

Air Date: 15 Aug 2023 00:00 (CDT)

S1E5 - Don't Tell the Bride

On the eve of her wedding day, Zara finds herself in emotional turmoil over her fiancé, Gary. With the future of her gang at risk, she's forced to pick a side and finds herself at odds with her mum, Bernadette. Will Zara's faith in Gary be rewarded? Veena finally reveals the War Hog, but has doubts about what the hens might find beyond the safety of their cottage.

Air Date: 15 Aug 2023 00:00 (CDT)

S1E6 - The Big Day

After the shocking events of the day before, the hens get an ultimatum from their enemy as Zara's wedding day dawns. Facing a date with destiny, the hens are forced to decide what they will sacrifice in the name of love. In the heat of battle, there are emotional reunions, explosive revelations and heartbreak.

Air Date: 15 Aug 2023 00:00 (CDT)