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In the kingdom of Hilya, where mechanical beetles and jet flying carpets meet fantastic beings, lives a young boy named Zayn. He has always dreamt of owning an Imago. His wish will be granted the day he wakes up Azrokh, an almighty Imago, guardian of a magic lamp. However, he's quick to find out that with great powers, also come great responsibilities. Zayn and his friends, Awa, Zora and Kemi, who also have their own Imagos, will be propelled into an adventure that is perilous: the quest for the Primagos, six legendary Imagos, the only hopes of defeating Agoji, the queen of darkness, the greatest enemy of their kingdom that they accidentally released themselves…

Imago Next Episode Air Date

There is no Next Episode of Imago planned.

List of episodes

S1E24 - Le sceptre de lune

Air Date: 12 Nov 2023 02:40 (CDT)

S1E25 - Réunion de famille - Partie 1

Air Date: 19 Nov 2023 02:40 (CDT)

S1E26 - Réunion de famille - Partie 2

Air Date: 19 Nov 2023 02:40 (CDT)