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Police dog Rudy (called Rinty in the US broadcasts) and his human partner, Canine Officer Hank Katts, fight crime and deal with life.

Officer Hank Katt (Jesse Collins) and his partner, Shepherd Rudy, form a perfect team that put the criminals behind bars. Hank Katt has continued and completed successfully his training at the Police Academy. Despite his good exam results, his superiors are not convinced of Hank's suitability for the police since he is more brainy than brawny. That is why he is suddenly transferred to the K-9 dog unit. In future cases, he will have a four-legged friend as a partner. He is assigned a German shepherd he calls Rudy and his worst fears come true: The animal is aggressive and doesn't wants to be friendly his new master. But on their first joint case the dog comes to his aid. Slowly Hank realizes he has his new partner: while he himself with his intelligence and penetrating way to ask criminals about his tricks, Rudy is responsible for the active part in the team. Together they catch thieves, defuse bombs, locate missing children and outwit smugglers ...

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S1E1 - Boy Meets Dog

Air Date: 17 Sep 1988 00:00 (CDT)