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All Kurogane Yaiba ever wanted was to become a samurai, so he stayed in the woods with his father training every day of his life, until one day, he is sent to Japan, how will he fit in to this whole new world, all he has known so far i living in the forest, now he has to learn how the big city works, and also continue to train, so he can become stronger.

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S1E50 - 絶体絶命!ヤイバ剣を失う

Air Date: 17 Mar 1994 09:00 (CDT)

S1E51 - 白き龍神あらわる!!

Air Date: 24 Mar 1994 09:00 (CDT)

S1E52 - 鉄ヤイバ、サムライだ!

Air Date: 31 Mar 1994 09:00 (CDT)