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This anthology series of mystery/suspense/crime stories featured a different cast and story line each week. The casts included veteran actors and young unknowns who would later become famous. Originally called "Kraft Suspense Theatre", Suspense Theatre was a television anthology series that ran from 1963 - 1965 on NBC. It was later shown in syndication under the title "Crisis". It was one of the few suspense programs telecast in color at the time (color TV did not become the norm until late 1965). As with other anthology series, almost every program featured a self-contained episode with its own cast. Such actors as James Whitmore, Leslie Nielsen, and Richard Crenna appeared on it.
The 1968 theatrical film Sergeant Ryker, starring Lee Marvin, was actually a two-part made-for-television film that first aired on Kraft Suspense Theatre as The Case Against Paul Ryker.

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S2E29 - Kill Me on July 20th

Air Date: 17 Jun 1965 22:00 (CDT)

S2E30 - The Rise and Fall of Eddie Carew

Air Date: 24 Jun 1965 22:00 (CDT)

S2E31 - Connery's Hands

Air Date: 01 Jul 1965 22:00 (CDT)