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In the year 2009 Earth is in the midst of an unprecedented period of peace and with the under under the one flag of the United Govenment human conflict is all but a thing of the past. This peace doesn't last long since on the day of the SD-F 1's lanuch, alien invaders attack. Despite the fact that the Earth forces are using weapon's enhanced by alien technology. The Earth fleet is easily defeated forcing the use of the untested SD-F 1. During the combat after making virtually no head-way in defeating the Aliens later known as the Zentradi, SD-F 1 is forced to use it's space fold system to escape. All though the unknown science and the inexperianced crew show their flaws in the realization that the escape has put the ship clear across the solar system! Without the fate of the Earth known the crew must battle their way home if their is a home to go back too.

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S1E34 - Private Time

Air Date: 11 Jun 1983 10:00 (CDT)

S1E35 - Romanesque

Air Date: 18 Jun 1983 10:00 (CDT)

S1E36 - Farewell to Tenderness

Air Date: 25 Jun 1983 10:00 (CDT)