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Mike, Lu & Og premiered Friday May 7, 1999 during the Cartoon Cartoon Fridays block. The series was about every day life antics on an island in the pacific. The show also had a New Yorker, Mikey who was living there after she jumped off of a student exchange student program. LuLu (Princes Lu) is the islands spoiled bratty princess. Og is the genius of the island who can invent just about anything including T.V's, skates, etc. Lancelot is Lu's "abused" pet turtle.

Mike Lu & Og is currently airing on Boomerang at 9:30 A.M and 2:00 P.M. Boomerang is a digital/satelite channel that previously aired all Hanna Barbara cartoons from the 60's and 70's, but has recently added numerous mid 90's shows such as Mike, Lu & Og, Captain Planet, Dexter's Lab, etc.

In recent interviews with Warner Brother's DVD distributors it has been stated that there are plans on releasing the entire Cartoon Network library to DVD.

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S2E11 - A Freduian Split/ Fitness Fever

Air Date: 21 Jul 2000 00:00 (CDT)

S2E12 - The Hunter and the Hunted/ To Serve Lu

Air Date: 04 Aug 2000 00:00 (CDT)

S2E13 - The Three Amigas/ Sleeping Ugly

Air Date: 18 Aug 2000 00:00 (CDT)